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Saturday, March 5, 2011

IDIA Sensitisation Programme, K.V. Vastrapur, Ahmedabad

The first visit to KV Vastrapur was made on 27th January 2011 by Aditi Sheth, Tridib Bose and Sanyukta Biswas. It was intended to take permission from the principal, Ms. Jamie James for conducting the CLAT awareness workshop for the 11th std students. She permitted and informed us to consult the Physics teacher Vandana who taught physics in 11th std, regarding the date and time of the workshop the legal and subsequent date for legal aptitude test. So to begin with, we told them the future prospective of studying law. Then we told them, the pattern of taking up streams in the 2nd year, so as to let them to know how even science can be an advantage to them. We explained the difference between an NLU and traditional law schools. We told them about the holistic approach towards legal education in NLUs especially adding the emphasis laid on projects, publications, moots, parliamentary debates, model united nations, committees etc. We finally told them about how CLAT and how to go about preparing for it. Then we told them about IDIA project. Its aim to increase cultural diversity at NlUs and efforts to draw marginalized section of students to the mainline. To touch upon humour, I had personally asked them to check good law movies such as To Kill a Mocking Bird and Erin Brockowitch.

The second visit was made on 2nd February 2011 by Aditi Sheth, Sukarn Singh Maini and Sanyukta Biswas to conduct CLAT awareness workshop. The batch consisted of 44 students from science background. The workshop took roughly 40 mins. The students made rather inquisitive and intelligent questions. 22 students showed keen interest in giving the legal aptitude test. We were informed to contact the biology teacher Moushumi who taught 11th std, for the names of those might be interested in giving the legal aptitude test.The test was conducted at K.V. Vastrapur, Ahmedabad on 9th February, 2011. 31 students appeared for the test. 4 of the team members namely, Tirth Bhatt, Shreyasi, Sanyukta Biswas and Vikrant Pachnanda conducted the test. After conducting the same, the papers were checked and 5 students were shortlisted out of which two has scored 23 on 35, two scored 20 on 25 and one scored 17 but got all her legal reasoning correct. When we met these five students in person, three said that they only gave the test to check their aptitude and that they were not interested in law. Out of these three, two also seemed not to have a problem with their income and also stated that they gave the test only to check their aptitude and that they were not interested in pursuing law. The remaining two seemed interesting and also fell within the low income bracket. However one of them has not responded back and the other is not interested in joining IMS although we did asign each of those two students mentors to assist them.
Report compiled by Sanyukta Biswas and Vikrant Pachnanda on behalf of IDIA Gujarat

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