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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Towards Great Mentoring Programs At Our Law Schools

The IDIA (Increasing Diversity By Increasing Access To Legal Education) Project aims at encouraging students from rural areas, poor economic backgrounds, vernacular medium schools and other disadvantaged sections to take CLAT and get admission into the top National Law Schools (NLSs).

It is hoped that the students will substantially benefit from the quality education and immense career options that legal education in NLSs will afford them. However, there are challenges too. One of the biggest ones is social which throws sensitive and very important questions:

Will these students be able to mingle and interact freely with the high class, english medium educated students?

How do we ensure that the so called ‘elitist’ population at NLSs accept students from the disadvantaged sections?

In what ways do we tackle such socially awkward situations?

How can great mentoring programs be launched and what consitutes great mentoring programs?

Please do put in your views and ideas on these queries so that we can put some of them to practice and ensure that adequate and workable diversity models and mentoring programs are in place at our law colleges.