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Saturday, March 5, 2011

IDIA Sensitisation Programme at Kendra Vidyalaya, Annanagar, Chennai

The first sensitisation programme of IDIA, Chennai Chapter was conducted in the Kendra Vidyalaya School at Annanagar, Chennai on 5th February, 2011. Mr.Naveen Kumar.M, final year student of the School of Excellence in Law, Chennai addressed the students of the 11th Standard. Around 70 students attended the programme. Mr.Ramamurthy, first year student of the School of Excellence in Law, Chennai also coordinated in conducting the programme. Mr.Naveen started his address by clearing the misconceptions that the young minds had about the legal profession. It was pointed out that ‘Law’ is no more the last resort for ambitious and aspiring students in the present day. The basic set-up of the National Law Schools and other reputed institutions was also highlighted.

The speaker explained about the prospective opportunities that law students would have in the upcoming years. An insight was provided about litigationin Courts, corporate firms and L.P.O’s and also about judicial services. The students who are very keen on the pay packages were informed that as a successful lawyer, one can make money certainly more than what other professionals can earn. The students were informed about the primary goal of IDIA and encouraged to enter into the law schools instead of confining themselves in regular courses. The growth of the Indian Legal system, the lives of great members of the Bar like Palkivala, Chagla were discussed in the course of the programme. A sound message was sent that if our country is to be driven in the right direction as many right thinking people expect, it was possible only with the active support of members of the bar and the bench. Mr.Naveen also spoke about the  scholarships available for poor students and the support that shall be extended by IDIA in this connection.

Further, the opportunities what a law school student could have like attending International moot courts, internships, debates and conferences was elucidated in the programme. Before the concluding remarks, the students were invited to clarify their queries. It was surprising to note that around 7 to 8 students had very interesting and thought-provoking questions. One girl student asked about opportunities for an academician in law schools. The speaker replied that if she gets into law teaching, she will certainly become one among the best law teachers of tomorrow. Most of the questions came from the girl students compared to that from the boys. The Principal and teachers were very accommodative and it is certain that the IDIA movement shall become a big success in Tamil Nadu.

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