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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

IDIA needs Vibrant Team Leaders to head the Question Papers Preparation Wing

IDIA urgently needs a team that will prepare exam papers for training IDIA scholars this year. The team will consist of those who will prepare questions, as also those who will then prepare exams/tests from the question bank so created. We need a strong team leader to lead the “test” preparation aspect. We also need leaders to co-ordinate the process of preparing questions for:

1.      English
2.     Maths
3.     Legal Reasoning
4.     Logical Reasoning
5.     GK

We need people not only to deliver high quality questions and put together good quality tests, but to do so consistently month after month. 

This will be a paid vertical for IDIA and we will pay per question prepared by you. We will also pay for the time involved in assessing questions and putting together tests.  At this stage, this is only a call for folks interested in taking on leadership positions. So if any of you are interested in being leaders for any of these aspects, please drop an email to <>. 

Please do send your CV to the above email ID and also list out any IDIA activities you’ve done this past year. 

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