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Sunday, July 4, 2010

IDIA Hyderabad Reaches Out to Visually Handicapped Students in Ranigunj

IDIA Hyderabad conducted an aptitude test in an intermediate college run by Devnar Foundation in Ranigunj, Hyderabad. This college is especially for the visually challenged students. A few of us went and spoke to the students of the school on 24th of June. We spoke to them about law as a career option and how it is a great tool for the empowerment of the society.

In the past, the students of this college have excelled in various fields. One of their students is studying at the prestigious Masssachussetts Institute of Technology on merit. When we spoke to one of the teachers, we were told that some students scored as high as 95% in languages and 92% in commerce. We believed that this was a good college to work with as these students are bright and getting into a National Law University would be a viable option for them.

A total of 40 students registered for the test. Vidyu, Aishwarya, Vaishnavi, Vimal and I (Anusha Reddy) brought along 40 scribes to read out the questions to them individually. Cheers to the volunteers, as we arranged for the volunteers on a day’s notice! We decided to give them 1 hour and 45 minutes (instead of the stipulated 1 hour and 30 minutes) as the government regulations give extra time of thirty minutes to people with disabilities.

Most of the students who took the test were fluent in English. A few of them faced hindrances but nevertheless managed. We conducted the test for the eleventh class students as well.

The feedback that we got from the scribes was that most of the visually challenged students faced difficulty in the long passage questions and also in the sequencing questions as it was difficult for them to remember the correct order as the students could not draw out the series of options on paper.

A very good thing is that most of the students were very good with the General Awareness questions. Some of them did not even need options for the question on the Chief Justice of India!

Everything went off smoothly. We are still in the process of correcting the papers, the results of which we will share with the IDIA Google groups soon.

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